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20+ Dokončené Rezervace

17 Stálí Zákazníci

12 Opakované Rezervace

Hello there! I am a full time pet care taker for 5 years now. I also have past vet nursing experience and can care for pets who have a condition or need extra care. With the past years in looking after pets I have gained understanding in caring for many different types of dog and cat breeds. Ranging from the smaller breeds like chihuahuas and Maltese to larger breeds like chow chows and huskies.
What’s not to love about pets! Our dogs and cats are not only our pets but our friends.

“Until 1 has loved an animal, a part of 1’s soul remains unawakened” -Anatole France

Dovednosti a kvalifikace

I had Brownie since October 2k14. He was abandoned below our block and was being mistreated by other residence. His urine was bringing bad smells to the residence. He became a frequent visitor to my home and even took the lift up. Slowly he became more familiar and we decided to keep him. Not Long after we took him in, we discovered he had kidney problems. His kidney was at stage 2-3 of renal disease. After the proper care we provided for him the past 2 years, he battled out 2k16 with fighting sprit and passed away peacefully in December. Even though his stay with us was not long, he will always be remembered for his strong perseverance and invaluable affection he gave us.

I am lucky to have met my new cat in July 2k18 and have been really happy to see him Interact with many guest pets that have stayed with us. He is friendly with both cats and dogs and always wants to be friends with them!

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With Brownie, I've learned how to treat a cat with this kidney problem. I know how to administer iv solution and oral medication. Giving pets the best quality of life they can live will not only help prevention of illnesses but most importantly live a happy life!

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Are you looking for pet boarding, daycare, house sitting or dog walking services?

Hey it’s Lyra, I’m a
•Full time pet sitter
•Vet nursing experience
•5 years of experience since 2k16
•Currently located in Farrer Park

These are the locations I cover :
Novena, Newton, Orchard, River Valley, Bugis, Kallang, CBD and Farrer Park.
(Anywhere within these areas on a daily basis)
If you are requesting from outside these areas, I would love to help if possible.

Being a caretaker for four years has given me the confidence in handling all types of pets. I have experience with young playful puppies, senior dogs, handicap dogs with mobility issues, large dogs and aggressive or dogs with separation anxiety. After gaining vet nursing experience at a vet clinic, I am able to monitor a pet for signs of discomfort and tell when they are not well. I can also look after pets who require extra care or have a condition.

I look after a maximum of 4 dogs at a time (non-peak period).
Pet owners who are requesting for emergency or last minute bookings will be considered.
No last minute cancellation please.
Transportation of pets can be arranged if needed, with an additional cost.

I have helped owners correct their pet’s behavioral issues like mild to moderate separation anxiety and picky eating habits.

As a cat owner, I am equipped with toys and soft blankets. If you own multiple number of cats I will be happy to board them together. My cat is always looking forward to meeting new friends! He is friendly with both cats and dogs.
Cats with chronic kidney disease are welcome to stay with me as I will provide extensive care for them.
I am not able to care for cats who are FIV positive*

All pets can roam freely in the flat.
I have a grass field beside my block where dogs can play fetch or just lie around. I often bring dogs to parks or the beach for play dates or dog cafes to socialize with others! Your dogs can join the pack of dogs who come to my place regularly!

I have experience in caring for many different dog breeds like chihuahuas, poodles, corgis and frenchies. To Larger ones like chow chows, Labradors, huskies and golden retrievers.
I provide 3 walks daily giving them the exercise they need.

*Priority booking goes to existing repeat customers during peak period. (Chinese new year, Christmas etc.).

In my neighborhood :
•24hr Vet is 5 minute drive away.
•Nearest dog cafe is 5 minutes drive away.
•Pet lovers centre is 10 minutes walk away.
•Pet physiotherapy centre 5 minutes drive away.
•Grooming shops are 5 minutes walk away.
•Nearest dog park is 10 minutes drive away.

I bake my own dog treats made with human grade ingredients that are safe and healthy for your dog to enjoy!

After loosing my adopted senior cat to chronic kidney disease, I have learnt the importance of feeding pets human grade quality food to keep them healthy.
If your pet is on a raw or cooked diet I can help prepare their meals!

I do not drive but transportation can be arranged. I use Grab or transportation service from another caretaker.


•Owners have to take full responsibility if their pet bites or attacks other humans or pets during their stay with me. An unforeseen incident has occurred before. The dog was friendly towards both pets and humans but bit a stranger during his walk. Dogs have a protective instinct and might bite out of the blue.

•Please do not place your aggressive/anxious dog/cat in front of other pets during visitation or hand off without proper introduction. Always keep the leash on during visitation. Other pets are my responsibility too.

•Emergency contact provided has to be in Singapore at the same time the pet stays with me. In any case the owner is not contactable the emergency contact has to be reachable in the event of an accident.

•Dogs with severe separation anxiety (Howling, barking or whining non stop for hours. Accidents in the home when left alone. Destructive behavior) should seek professional corrective help. These behaviors are out of my control to rectify and take a long time to correct. People in my home need their rest and I cannot care for dogs with these extreme behaviors.

Poplatky, za mé služby.

An hour of dog walking would be $30

Důvod, proč si užívám společnost mazlíčků.

Caring for them brings joy. Spending time with pets on a daily basis is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Moje zkušenosti a kvalifikace.

Being a Pet Caretaker for four years has helped me gain experience in caring for an array of dog and cat breeds. I take the time to understand each pet that I am caring for ensuring I build a bond with them. Making pets happy and feel loved is a fulfilling task and that is why I choose to be a pet caretaker.

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Lyra Venčení psů služby se nachází v nebo poblížNovena, Novena. Rezervujte prostřednictvím PetBackeru, pro Platební Ochranu a nepřetržitou podporu 24x7.

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November 2021

Ověřeno PetBackerem
Lyra came highly recommended by another pawrent. It was a stressfree experience leaving Bella with Lyra. She was very proactive with pictures and videos to keep me updated. I didn't have to ask even once. She keep me posted throughout the day. She also followed our instructions a ...Čtěte více


February 2020

Ověřeno PetBackerem
I'm so glad that I found Lyra thru this platform. She is so dedicated in taking good care of my 2 dogs when I have to be away for 2 months. Goldie is very timid and is very choosy on human handlers and dogs. Goldie does not like dogs coming too close to her and she needs her own ...Čtěte více


January 2020

Ověřeno PetBackerem
Lyra took care of my dog while my family went on a trip for three days. The communication was smooth, and she replied rather quickly, often within minutes to half an hour. She told us everything she observed of my dog, such as picky on food or being skittish about loud noise etc. ...Čtěte více


January 2020

Ověřeno PetBackerem
We have Lyra coming over to take care of our cats for a week. She’s experience and make sure our cats are well fed and cleaned. Flexible and fast response.


November 2019

Ověřeno PetBackerem
Easy going and fast response from carer 👍🏼

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